Transmuting pixels in gold! – it’s A24 mission and duty


A24 combines about thirty full time Alchemists, many freelancers, a great management team and an informed and attentive directorate. In a decade, Alchemy24 achieved growth in a healthy and organised way; its notoriety built on its own reputation. Despite all its success and growth, Alchemy24 always kept its primary vision: create nice shots with good friends in a living room type of atmosphere, in a simple, relaxing, laid back work environment, where accountability of the individual is encouraged as much as the quality is primordial.

To transform pixels into gold – that is A24’s mission and duty.

We find fraternity in creativity.


Alchemy24’s story begins in 2007 in a miserable basement, like many other modest companies that later came to be notable. Jean-François Ferland perseveres days, nights and week-ends to fulfill contracts, while still working full time. Freelancers from here and around the world work with him on different contracts. Thanks to the good exposure of some of those projects, the name of his little studio is getting around.

In 2011, J-F quits his full time job to dedicate himself whole-heartedly to his company. Catherine Nadeau joined him to manage the administration, communications and HR departments.

While still being in that awful basement, with the help of five freelance artists, the team prevails in the outstanding accomplishment of completing 300 VFX shots in as little as nine weeks for the American film ”Dead Fall” with Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana.

Once the project is completed, they decide to rent a space in Saint-Henri in Montreal, and hire a few employees. The risk is pretty high. Contracts seem periodic and there is a shortage of funds. Coincidently, Xavier Dolan is having troubles with one movie and needs some VFX assistance. Chemistry immediately occurs, and thus begins a great collaboration that will bear many more!
The tiny studio grows rapidly. A screening room is built in 2014. In 2015, the studio is suddenly too cramped. The space is then expanded, doubling its size. As of today, the studio counts about thirty employees; we worked on about 200 projects. To this day, quality and creativity are still our most precious core values.

We are very involved in the Quebec market and it is an honour for us to contribute in our local culture.

Throughout the years, we came to develop a very specific expertise in digital cosmetics, our techniques allow us to perfectly correct skin. This specialisation puts us in a great position on the international market, in which we have forged a nice place.

4710, rue Saint-Ambroise #352
Montréal, QC  H4C 2C7