Stranger Things!!

Stranger Things!! 1 May 2019 We are working on Stranger Things 3!!! Nothing else to say!!! Release July 4th on Netflix

Success attracts success!

Success attracts success! 4 march 2019 Marc A. Rousseau recently joined the Alchemy 24 team! With his 20 years of experience in the visual effects industry and many years on the post-production scene in Montreal, he is renowned for his ability to manage vfx studios of all sizes (Mokko Studio, Raynault VFX, Cinesite). With all […]

Canadian Screen Awards, winner for best vfx

Canadian Screen Awards, winner for best vfx 26 March 2018 Alain Lachance, recently vfx supervisor at A24, had the honor of winning the prize for the best visual effects for his work as a vfx supervisor on the film Hochelagua, Terre des Âmes. Congratulations!

Alain Lachance, New VFX Sup At A24

Alain Lachance, New VFX Sup At A24! Decembre 9, 2017 It is an honor to count as alchemist Alain Lachance. He is an important figure in the development of the visual effects market in Montreal, particularly for his work as the founder of Mokko Studio. He has a great experience on several important projects and […]

Rodeo FX buys Alchemy 24!

Rodeo FX buys Alchemy 24! May 11, 2017 It was with great pride that Jean-François Ferland and Catherine Nadeau sold Alchemy 24 on May 11th. In a context of growth and sharing of resources, but especially the share of corporate values, chemistry is natural between the two companies. Alchemy 24 remains an independent entity of […]

Devil’s Gate at Tribeca Festival!!

Devil’s Gate at Tribeca Festival!! April 25, 2017 Alchemy24’s team was at the great movie premier of Devil’s Gate, a Sci-Fi / Thriller movie. The team worked pretty hard on that project so it’s a good ending to celebrate the whole week-end in New-York together!

Just the End of the World in nomination for Best Makeup!

Just the End of the World in nomination for Best Makeup! January 18, 2017 Alchemy 24 wishes to congratulate all the artisans and technicians who have worked on Just the End of the World for the many nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards, with special mention for Xavier and his extraordinary work. We also want […]

Iris Award in VFX

Iris Award in VFX December 12, 2016 Quebec Cinéma is awarding an Iris for best visual effects at the 2017 gala. This great initiative will help in setting forth the contribution of VFX in today’s Quebec filmmaking.

ARRIVAL at the Oscars?

ARRIVAL at the Oscars? December 10, 2016 Arrival is in good position in the pre-selection list of the Oscar academy awards for Best Visual Effects. We are very proud of our contribution on over 140 shots! Crossing fingers (and toes!) for what’s coming next. The nominations will be made public on January 24th, 2017.

Fresh Apprentice Alchemists

Fresh Apprentice Alchemists December 8, 2016 New members were recently recruited to meet the increasing demand. A warm welcome to Wesley Lemieux, Alain Morin and Philippe Cournoyer!

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